Thistle Learning Center

*Dr. Trish
Dr. Trish has been working with children, parents, and teachers for fifteen years.  As a K-12 special education teacher, school counselor, and adjunct professor, she has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of students of all ages, some with learning challenges and others with exceptional academic ability.

Dr. Trish has experienced school systems from her native Westchester, New York to Aspen, Colorado.  She has an obvious passion for educating students and her ability to motivate reluctant learners is something to see in action.  Dr. Trish uses best practice, research based tools to identify and capitalize on each learners strengths. Her experience and professional training, makes the difference for students.

Dr. Trish graduated from Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado with a Bachelor of Science in English and Special Education, and she began her career teaching at Aspen High School. While applying Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, Dr. Trish grew a passion for understanding how children learn to read and write. 

Soon thereafter, she enrolled at Long Island University where Dr. Trish received a Masters of Science in Education in remedial reading and writing. After 12 years of classroom practice, Dr. Trish graduated from the University of Oregon’s Doctor of Education program.  She has extensive training and experience in reading and writing programs, such as Linda Mood Bell, the Orton Gillingham approaches, The Basic Writing Program, Writer’s Workshop and many others. Dr. Trish is well versed in the Learning Strategies Program.   From acing your tests to balancing your schedule, she has a strategy for you!  Dr. Trish believes in a multi-sensory approach that optimizes the learning capacity for all learners.

Dr. Trish has a vast knowledge of current educational apps and tools to aid students with their learning. She has worked as a learning specialist, consulting students and families on college preparation, school placement, academic tutoring, behavior, and organization strategies.